Indian visual artist and filmmaker Pradeep Mahadeshwar is one of exhibiting artists in the Luan Gallery's upcoming exhibition, 'The Tides of Monumental Gesture'.

New exhibition in Athlone's Luan Gallery to open next week

Athlone's Luan Gallery has announced details of its next exhibition, which will open on Tuesday next, July 9, and continue until September.

Entitled The Tides of Monumental Gesture, the exhibition is being organised in collaboration with the Museum of Everyone: Communal.

Seán Kissane, Curator of Exhibitions at the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA) will officially launch the exhibition on Friday, July 12.

The Tides of Monumental Gesture features the work of ten artists, and is curated by Brendan Fox and Aoife Banks.

The artists are: Irish-Iraqi multidisciplinary artist Basil Al-Rawi, Swedish visual artist Ella Bertilsson, Irish visual artist and educator Sarah Edmondson, Éireann and I’s curator and researcher Beulah Ezeugo and cultural producer Joselle Ntumba with Adesewa Awobadejo, Romanian visual artist and researcher Istvan Laszlo, Indian visual artist and filmmaker Pradeep Mahadeshwar, Brazilian interdisciplinary artist Thaís Muniz, and Irish multidisciplinary visual artist Alan Phelan.

The Tides of Monumental Gesture is the culmination of an eighteen-month collaboration encompassing active research, public talks, workshops, experimental presentations, and performances which took place at the Irish Museum of Modern Art and Galway Arts Centre entitled MOE: Communal - The Art of Coexistence.

A description of the exhibition states that it "traverses a sea of queer and multicultural perspectives and strandings on the island of Ireland".

During its run at Luan Gallery, the Museum of Everyone will facilitate workshops, talks, public events, and a communal meal headed by its core artists and researchers. Details of these events will be announced after the opening.

Information on the exhibition and upcoming events will be found on the Luan Gallery's website here and on its social channels.

The Tides of Monumental Gesture will run until Sunday, September 8.