Kieran Gavin and his wife Peggy at the 'Childhood Memories of Moate' event on June 27.

Exhibition looks back on Moate streetscape in times past

An event looking back on the streetscape of Moate in the 1940s took place in the Protestant Old School House on June 27.

Moate people and businesses long gone were remembered fondly by the great turnout from the people of the town and the surrounding areas.

'Childhood Memories of Moate' is an exhibition of the original enchanting sketches of the streetscape of Moate in 1940s from author Kieran Gavin's book, published in 2008.

The book captured the essence of Moate town during the war years and after. It portrays the town as a content and happy place and home to wonderful enterprising people, with the added dash of a colourful character or two thrown in for good measure.

Special thanks to Mrs Ross and the Protestant community for organising and hosting the exhibition, to the local Moate Men's Shed for making all forty frames for the sketches, and finally to Kieran Gavin for generously sharing his memories with the people of Moate.

The exhibition will remain on permanent display in the Protestant School House, Station Road, Moate and will be open to the public through National Heritage Week, which will run from August 17 to 25.