Naughten seeks improvements to Monksland bus service

Cllr John Naughten has called for a meeting between councillors for both Roscommon and Westmeath as well as representatives of Bus Eireann to seek improvements to the bus service in the Monksland area.

Cllr. Naughten highlighted a number of concerns that have been raised locally over the A1 and A2 bus routes which serve Athlone and the Monksland area.

“There is a lot of concern that these buses aren’t running to time with two buses then sometimes arriving at the same time,” stated Cllr Naughten. “I am also seeking to have the current routes reviewed with consideration given to extending the routes to Coláiste Chiaráin and the Summerhill area.

“This is a vital service that many people rely on locally to attend work and college as well as appointments and it is important that the service is reliable. The service needs to operate to the times displayed on the timetable.

“This is a very well utilised service and I am seeking a meeting between Roscommon and Westmeath councillors as well as Bus Eireann in a bid to improve this service,” concluded Cllr Naughten