Merwahh sheds over six stone with Moate Slimming World

Tuesday, 9th January, 2018 11:53am

Merwahh sheds over six stone with Moate Slimming World

Merwahh Abdul Ridha before and after her Slimming World weight loss

Meet Merwahh Abdul Ridha from Moate, a very busy mum to three young children. Just over a year and a half ago she was overweight, a size 24 and had developed type 2 diabetes and high cholestrol.

Today, Merwahh is a slim and trim size 10, and has lost a staggering total of 6st 8lbs thanks to her local Slimming World class in Moate. She has also been taken off all her diabetes and cholestrol medication as her blood sugars and cholestrol levels have returned to normal.

Having struggled to lose weight for many years, and trying and failing at many different diets, Merwahh had almost reached the stage of giving up when her mother’s friend in Roscommon recommended Slimming World. Observing the great results that her mother's friend had achieved, the young mother decided to give it one more go.
With a lifetime of failed diets behind her, Merwahh joined Slimming World in The Carmelite Centre in Moate on August 25, 2016. She was greeted by the warm and friendly consultant Geraldine who put her at ease straightaway. Geraldine explained to her how she would never be hungry again, eating foods like rice, pasta, potatoes, lean meats, fish and pulses.
Merwah took to the Slimming World plan like a duck to water. For the first time ever she was eating healthily, filling up on the free food, with absolutely no hunger and still losing weight.
“I tried lots of diets, but they left me miserable and hungry. Slimming World was completely different. My family and friends were all amazed how much I was eating and still losing weight. I cooked for them the Slimming World way and they couldn’t believe it was healthy food because it tasted so good” says Merwahh.
She wanted to learn everything about food optimising to help her lose weight and she did this by staying for the group talk every week. The abundance of free food meant there was no weighing, measuring or counting. Merwahh was able to make simple changes to her shopping and cooking to ensure her existing family meals were adapted to Slimming World friendly versions.
Not long after joining, she soon felt better and started exercising regularly. Less than six months after first joining Slimming World, Merwahh reached target, losing a fabulous 4st 12lbs. Not content with this, the determined young mother decided to reset her target and on May 7 last year, 38 weeks after starting on her Slimming World journey, she achieved her final target weight, losing a fabulous total of 6st 8lbs, and going from a size 24 to a size 10.

The Moate Slimming World Group meets every Thursday 7.30pm, in the Carmelite Centre, Moate.
Call Geraldine 085-8862333.
The other local Slimming World Groups: every Tuesday, 9.30am, 5.30pm and 7.30pm in Shamrock Lodge Hotel, (call Sinead 087-6820759), and every Wednesday, 9.30am; 11.30am; 3.30pm; 5.30pm and 7.30pm in Athlone Springs Hotel, Call Pauline 087-1878701.




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