Fans given glimpse of latest Roy family drama in Succession season four

By Connie Evans, PA Entertainment Reporter

Fans of Succession have been given a glimpse of yet more Roy family drama in the new trailer for season four of the hit show.

The next instalment of the highly anticipated HBO drama, which follows the dysfunctional Roy family as they fight for control over the family’s media empire, is set for release on March 26th.

The new teaser opens with three of the Roy siblings – Kendall, Shiv and Roman – considering calling their father Logan Roy.

Roman Roy, played by Kieran Culkin, asks his siblings: “Would we consider at least a call?”

To which Shiv Roy, portrayed by Sarah Snook, asks: “Well is he apologising?”

With former golden child Kendall Roy, played by Jeremy Strong, adding: “I mean, did he ask?”

Roman ultimately decides: “Well if he were to call, then I guess we would see.”

The fourth season picks up after the siblings’ failed coup and their father’s proposal to sell his global media conglomerate Waystar RoyCo to tech mogul Lukas Matsson, played by Alexander Skarsgard.

The trailer goes on to give a taste of the goings-on in Shiv’s strained marriage to husband Tom Wambsgans – played by Matthew Macfadyen – with Tom saying: “One thing has been on my mind … I’m sure we’ll iron it all out.”

Tom is seen talking to his father-in-law Logan – played by Brian Cox – asking “What would happen?” to which patriarch Logan replies “If you and Shiv were to bust up?”

Attempting to preserve his relationship with Logan, Tom continues: “We’ll always be good, right?”

To which Logan responds unconvincingly: “If we’re good, we’re good.”

The children’s contest with their father appears to be stronger than ever. As the siblings discuss their options, Shiv says: “We wanted to do something together. This is not to get back at dad. But if it hurts him, it doesn’t bother me.”

Supposed presidential candidate and Logan’s eldest son Conor – played by Alan Ruck – is also set to return, appearing to marry his partner and former escort Willa Ferreyra, portrayed by Justine Lupe.

Later in the trailer, long-time general counsel of Waystar RoyCo Gerri Kellman – played by J Smith-Cameron – is seen warning Logan’s children: “You cannot win. Your dad will wash you away.”

The clip draws to a close with a montage of tense snippets, as Tom can be heard warning fan-favourite cousin Greg, played by Nicholas Braun: “This is a chess board. And every move is crucial.

“Like Israel-Palestine Greg. But harder. And much more important.”

Season four of Succession is set to air on HBO on March 26th.