Number of stray dogs entering dog pounds jumps 95%

Michael Bolton

The number of stray dogs entering dog pounds has almost doubled, with a 95 per cent increase in 2022.

Statistics released by the Department of Rural and Community Development show there was 7,352 stray dogs going into dog pounds in 2022, an increase from 4,165 in 2021.

There were 340 dogs put down in 2022, more than twice as many dogs compared to 2021.

Under the Control of Dogs Act, dogs who have completed their mandatory five-day stay in pounds can be euthanised to create space if the pound cannot rehome them or find a rescue with space to take.

There were 791 incidences of aggressive behaviour recorded in 2022, while the number of people physically injured, which includes damage to clothing, was 308.

Commenting on the report, Corina Fitzsimons from Dogs Trust said: "While Dogs Trust welcomes the additional information provided this year, more in-depth data is required to understand and address the causes of these incidents and most importantly, to prevent them occurring in the first instance.

"We believe that education and early interventions are key to preventing unwanted behaviour and keeping people safe around dogs. A 2022 survey we carried out revealed that only 41 per cent of people could recognise a dog displaying apprehensive body language.

"We offer free online ‘Be Dog Safe’ workshops for adults on the basics of understanding dog body language, while also visiting schools to deliver free workshops to children about safe and kind behaviours around dogs."