Louise Redknapp drops Eternal reunion over bandmates ‘not doing LGBT+ events’

By Charlotte McLaughlin, PA Senior Entertainment Reporter

Louise Redknapp’s agent has announced that she is pulling out of an Eternal reunion over her two former bandmates allegedly saying they are not going to “perform at Pride shows or LGBTQ+ festivals”.

The singer and former Strictly Come Dancing star (48) rose to fame with the 90s girl group – which had a string of hits including I Wanna Be The Only One, Stay, Just A Step From Heaven and Power Of A Woman.

Easther Bennett, Vernie Bennett and Kelle Bryan of Eternal (Peter Jordan/PA) Photo by PETER JORDAN

It is claimed that sisters Vernie Bennett and Easther Bennett have alleged that “the gay community was being hijacked by the trans community and they do not support this”.

Redknapp and Kelle Bryan will now not be performing, it was announced.

Redknapp’s agent Simon Jones said in a statement: “A message was sent to the team putting together the Eternal reunion stating that if it was to go ahead, neither Vernie nor Easther would perform at Pride shows or LGBTQ+ festivals.

“This was because the duo felt that the gay community was being hijacked by the trans community and they do not support this.

“Louise is a huge supporter and ally of the LGBTQ+ community, and both herself and Kelle told the duo they would not work with anyone who held these views, and as such the reunion as a four would not be going ahead.

“The team behind the proposed Eternal reunion are gay including management, PR and tour promoter, and neither myself nor any of the team would work with artists who held such views about the trans community.”

She has not addressed the issue on social media directly, but posted an image of a Pride flag to Instagram on Sunday with the caption: “Always & forever.”

Redknapp had on Wednesday praised Easther’s voice on Stay as “absolutely killing that opening note” and wished a “happy 30th Anniversary to my Eternal girls Kelle, Easther and Vernie” after the song was released in 1993.

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In a Monday Instagram post, 48-year-old Loose Women star Bryan addressed media reports about the mooted tour.

She said: “Opportunities to reunite for an Eternal reunion tour with the girls has been discussed many times over the years.

“As mothers, the right opportunity and timing for all of our schedules have been tricky to arrange.

“The relationship with our fans and the joy of celebrating our success was, and still is, my motivation.

“My stance and allegiances have always been that I am an advocate for inclusion and equality for all.

“Thank you for your continued support over three decades. God bless, Kelle x.”