Petrol prices rise while diesel prices drop slightly in last month

Figures show petrol prices have risen by two cents per litre in the last month to €1.83.

The AA Ireland’s latest monthly Fuel Price Survey has shown a slight fluctuation in petrol and diesel prices over the last few weeks after a sharp increase in April.

Diesel prices have dropped two cents per litre to €1.76, while Electric Vehicle fuel costs have remained steady.

Electric Vehicle fuelling costs remain the same this month, meaning EV owners can expect to pay circa €925 per year to cover the national average of 17,000km per year.

Jennifer Kilduff, Head of Marketing & PR for the AA Ireland, said “Despite the steep increases we have seen over the past few months the average cost of fuel in May has not changed too much, we would like to see them decrease, but for now, we’ll take the small win that fuel prices overall remain relatively unchanged this month.

“If motorists can afford the time to shop around to get the best fuel prices, they should. Saving even a few cents on topping up your tank can help. We would also urge drivers to continue to educate themselves on how to drive smarter and more efficiently, there are significant savings to be made when a vehicle is properly maintained.”