Explained: How Football Review Committee proposals would change the game

James Cox

The Football Review Committee has made a number of proposals that would change Gaelic Football.

Six-time All-Ireland-winning Dublin manager Jim Gavin was the chair of the committee.

So what are they?

Two-point scores, four-point goals

Points from the new 40-metre arc would now be worth two points.

The other main proposal would see a goal worth four points rather than three points.

The rules will be trialled by intercounty teams who are no longer in championship contention.

These 'sandbox' games are due to begin at the weekend.

Other proposals

Changes to kick-outs will include the following:

  • Allowing kick-outs to be taken before all players cross the 20m line.
  • All kick-outs to be taken from the small rectangle.
  • All kick-outs from the 20m line must go beyond the new 40m Arc.
  • Four players in their own half at all times.

Throw-ins will be one v one.

The attacking mark will also see changes, meaning it will be taken inside the 20-metre line with the ball kicked from outside the 45-metre line.

A new tackle rule will allow players to make initial contact with an open hand. A 30-metre or 50-metre advancement of the ball will be awarded to the opposing team after any tactical fouls.

The goal of the proposals is to make "gaelic games will be the most enjoyable amateur games in the world to play and watch".