Tesco fined over Clubcard price display practices

Tesco has been fined after pleading guilty to failing to comply with consumer protection laws concerning the display of prices.

The supermarket was fined €1,000 for failing to include unit pricing on Clubcard promotional shelf-edge labels.

The display of unit prices is required by law in order to allow consumers to more easily compare similar products which may be sold in different sizes.

The case came before Judge Anthony Halpin, who applied the Probation Act, ordering Tesco to make a donation of €1,000 to the Little Flower Penny Dinners charity.

The case followed an investigation by the State's consumer watchdog, the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC), after the breaches were identified during an inspection last August.

In a statement following the ruling, the CCPC said: "Consumers shopping for groceries have to quickly evaluate a wide range of factors when deciding what products offer the best value for their money. Supermarkets are legally required to show unit pricing to make that process easier for consumers.

"Displaying the price per kilo, litre or metre allows consumers to compare the cost of similar products sold in different sizes. It also prevents consumers from being misled by packaging or discounts into paying more for less.

"The CCPC encourages consumers to check the unit prices when they shop and make a report to the CCPC where they are not provided."