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Published: Monday, 28th September, 2009 1:02pm

How a temp jobs can lead to a permanent placement

How a temp jobs can lead to a permanent placement

By definition a temporary assignment is a project (with the added bonus that many companies offer permanent roles to those who perform well). It's not hard to see how taking a temporary job can boost your skills and even accelerate your career.

You get instant responsibility for starters. Invariably you're employed to deliver a project or ensure a critical business process continues. You work under pressure, since if you fail to deliver you're out. You learn about a

company, fast. If you take several short term assignments, you have the chance to learn about multiple businesses much more quickly than a full time employee in one company. It's also very easy to have your say - remember, permanent staff can't be so bullish. Plus you're only giving an 'independent, outside view' (think of yourself as a consultant).

All this in the knowledge your CV is getting stronger by the day and the next, better paid assignment could be just around the corner.

Whether taking a stint as a data entry clerk, kitchen delivery agent, interim HR director or telesales agent there are always business processes to be observed and improved.

So, take temp jobs seriously, observe the business and create fantastic ammunition for future interviews by noting all the good things you achieve - for example good customer feedback, time saving initiatives or process improvements. For help distilling your achievements so you look like the most employable applicant, try their cv writing help section.

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